Industry first certified
Gluten Free and Paraben Free
professional products since 2006!

Why Gluten Free?

Through our advanced research and development, we found that gluten ingredients are not just a dietary concern for wheat and gluten sensitive/intolerant pets and humans but also a topical skin irritant. These gluten proteins are absorbed through the skin when applied by shampoos, soaps and lotions. As a result, the entire Envirogroom line of products are certified wheat and gluten free, so no gluten allergens are absorbed through the skin minimizing allergic reactions for both pets and humans.

Our story began in early 1997 with the release of our natural pesticide alternative dip “Orange Rinse”.  With the popularity of flea control drops, the demand and needs for dips dropped.  With Envirogroom’s first class research and development, we set out to release a complete line of natural, non toxic, cutting edge professional shampoos and conditioners. 

Our products have always been vegan, cruelty free, paraben free.

Certified Wheat
& Gluten Free

Gentle on hands
for everyday use

Professional high

Why Envirogroom is Superior

Our mission was to create a complete line of products that were cutting edge and did everything for everyone. They had to be natural, non toxic, biodegradable, Ph balanced, puppy and kitten safe, vitamin and protein fortified, high concentrated, safe to use undiluted, safe to the eyes, made with no harsh ingredients, formulated to use in all bathing systems, hypoallergenic, non irritating to the skin, paraben free, wheat and gluten free, great sudsing with super fast easy rinsing, no unnecessary additives or thickeners. All this and have affordability and performance results at the highest level for professionals. So after much research, in 2006 we released our line of natural shampoos and conditioners. No corners were cut, we only chose the best premium ingredients, not the cheapest most available ones.

Envirogroom Products are always puppy and kitten safe